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what would you do

if you realised that, when it comes to your field of expertise, most of the content available online is out-of-date, inaccurate, or fallacious?

here is what we decided to do

Create high quality, yet accessible, content on ancient history

Our aim is to produce factual and up-todate resources so each article is written by a specialist.

That’s why we asked Lindsay to write about Maya agriculture. Because Lindsay is an archaeologist who spent years in the field studying that very topic. So when it comes to the ancient Maya, particularly Maya agriculture, well, Lindsay knows what she is talking about.

We are experts in our fields and we strive to bring the most accurate and reliable information to anyone with an interest in ancient history.

did I mention that

we believe all content should be freely accessible to anyone. no paywall, no fees.

but let’s not stop here

Let's bring science into the classroom

Archaeologists are like History detectives.

They use converging lines of evidence drawn from a variety of scientific disciplines to come to a conclusion. They also consider large amount of data and ponder different, often conflicting, pieces information.

In a world overloaded with information and disinformation, these are essential skills that children need to acquire. We believe archaeology is the perfect tool for the job.

In person or online, we bring real archaeologists into schools.

We are archaeologists and historians with years of field experience and scientific research. Planet Archaeology is our platform to promote science and education.
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