Get a real-life archaeologist in your school

All our tutors have PhDs and are specialists of  specific civilisations. They are the real deal!

Choose the right workshop for your school

Full Day

Duration: 6 hrs


Up to 3 groups of 30 pupils

From £500 *

Tailored to your needs, 2 to 4 classes

Half Day

Duration: 3 hrs


One group of 30 pupils

From £300 *

Find another school for another workshop on the same day and you’ll both pay £250 instead


Duration: 1.5 hrs


Bespoke number

From £150

Geographic limitations apply

* Travel costs applies. We’ll do our best to find a tutor as close as possible to you.

Workshop Description

Aside from receiving a wonderful introduction to an ancient civilisation, the children get to meet a real-life archaeologist, which makes the experience quite unique! Videos showing of the tutors trekking through the rainforest (with all the amazing sounds), or excavating mummies, bring the topic to life for children. Teachers come away with a good understanding of the topic, as well as ideas for future planning.

Interactive powerpoint presentation

All workshops include an informal and interactive powerpoint presentation with images, audio and video clips. Several topics are covered:

  • Introduction to a civilisation of your choice highlighting its main achievements
  • Myths Busting: with so much inaccurate or false information we always take the time to right the wrongs
  • What archaeologists do and how they gain an understanding about the past from only the material remains

Questions & Answers

Helping children to develop critical thinking is one of our main objectives and we strongly believe in the importance of nurturing curiosity so we always leave enough time for questions and answers.

Class activities

Full Day and Half Day workshops include class activities. Children will examine and investigate various topics such as ancient architecture, art, mathematics, astronomy, calendar, or writing systems.

They will be handling and carrying out historical enquiry with a vast collection of artefacts.

Artifacts handling

A large collection of artefacts is available for Full Day and Half Day workshops. Children will be able to handle these replicas of archaeological objects.


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